Classic Marqus Anthony | Take Off |

The second single from Marqus Anthony, Take Off really took him to new heights! This song garnered much radio play and the music video even aired on The Now TV Network during The Eric Lloyd Show. Take Off was featured as #3 on Holy Hip Hop Vol. 20 alongside artists like NAK and Hevn Li Angel. This album was distributed internationally by Capitol Records in 2015 as the 20th edition of a long standing and Grammy and Stellar Award nominated series. This song has touched countless individuals and has been called “transcendent”, “timeless” and “a classic”. Take Off just makes you feel good everytime it comes on the radio! The lyrics encourage you that God will bless those who wait on Him!



TakeOff, Just buckle in, turn ya brakes off/
We gotta shake all the snakes off, and watch the fake ones just flake off/
Oh yeah we Take off, Take Off/
Come on let’s TakeOff, Yo/
I’m bouta TakeOff, Just buckle in, turn ya brakes off/
We gotta shake all the snakes off, and watch the fake ones just flake off/
Oh yeah we Take off, Take Off/
Come on let’s TakeOff, Yo/

1st Verse:
When confusion creeps in, yo I always look up/
Dear Lord I need you now come give ya boy a hook up/
Because you got what I need, it gets me higher than trees/
Let’s get drunk off the Holy Ghost and offer up a toast/
To the one who provides me with my daily bread/
Thank you for the talents which you put inside my head/
Yea I glorify the lord ‘cause that what he deserves/
It’s time to dig deep into my spiritual reserves/
These rappers kill tracks, I give life to these beats/
Man I gotta spit my words and bring Christ to the streets/
‘Cause his life changing presence keep me from defeat/
When you depend on yourself that’s how you stay underneath/
But me I’m rocking wit the most high/
Oh yeah I’m bouta spread my wings n fly/
Lord please take me up to new heights/
Whose coming with me time to catch our flights/


2nd Verse:
How in the world do I cope with these stressful situations/
I need help and lots of hope, Lord my strength’s in your elation/
I won’t stop and I won’t fold ‘til I climb the Appalachian/
At the top of the mountain, I need all my dedication/
No longer being lazy ‘cause I came to ground n pound/
Jehovah yeah I praise thee and I came to sound the hounds/
Jesus wears the crown, He’s the one who holds me down/
Every time I come around, I’m never lost but always found/
I used to have my sin up, ‘til he purged ya boy with hyssop/
To forgive my life hiccups, make me strong like chin ups/
Back then I rolled the swish up, now to God I give a kiss up/
And the devil I just diss up, Elohim is my Bishop/
I used to doubt n fight, now I cry out every night/
Lord protect my only wife, and make us holy without strife/
I used to hurt like a knife, I’m on a quest like Phife/
I’ll let my God lift me up he wants to bless my life/


3rd Verse:
Please pray without ceasing and always stay believing/
I gotta keep decreasing while the Lord is increasing/
Jesus has blessed us, and we must now step up/
And into our calling to love like Paul in/
First, Corinthians chapter 13/
Verse, 13 the greatest is charity/
You know that love never fails ya, look at number 8/
When I became a man, I put my childish things away/
Pride within yourself goes right before destruction/
King Solomon realized the wise instruction/
Arrogance creeps in prior to a fall/
Lord we prosper in ya palace and find peace inside ya walls/
People please study Psalms and learn to be like David/
Who worshipped and repented when he thought he wouldn’t make it/
Always keep working, live ya life in love/
Be as wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove/


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