New Song | Still on the Come Up ft ICE, Brotha Dre & Edify |

Still on the Come was the third song released by Marqus Anthony. Featuring some heavy hitters from Detroit, this song is similar to a cypher. Brotha Dre, Edify, and ICE all go in alongside Marqus to create an awesome, fun song! This promotional single is not on his album; however, it was still featured on many CHH blogs like Trackstarz, The CHH Plug, Up Nxt Music, Undercrown Hip Hop and more! This song is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and everywhere digital music is sold!


I came up but I’m still on the come up/
I came up but I’m still on the come up/
I came up but I’m still on the come up/
I came up but I, I came up but I/

1st Verse:
I came up but I’m still on the come up/
Praise the lord for his blessings I cannot even sum up/
We gotta thank him every day ‘cause my God’s pulling the sun up/
Bouta have all the gangstas out here putting they gun up/
In the sight of the light, man you wanna act right/
I fly past the snake bites, it’s for my God that I fight/
‘Cause it’s already written yo the devil will be stopped/
The Lord is comin’ real soon and his love cannot be topped/
I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me/
That’s Philippians, chapter 4 and verse 13/
And if you have a life dream, then just tell it to the king/
They who wait upon the Lord will mount up on eagles wings/
Please read Isaiah, it would answer my prayers/
Or maybe start wit Hosea, the Word has so many layers/
So that’s why I’m on the mic and I deliver the story/
Jesus Christ is Lord, so to him be the glory/

Chorus: Performed by ICE
2nd Verse: Written and Performed by ICE
Chorus: Performed by Brotha Dre
3rd Verse: Written and Performed by Brotha Dre
Chorus: Performed by Edify
4th Verse: Written and Performed by Edify

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