Brand New Heat | Lift Up Christ ft Steven Malcolm |

Marqus Anthony just let loose one of the greatest bangers of 2016!! Rapzilla 2016 Freshmen Steven Malcolm of The Word Records straight up rips a 24 bar verse on this track. Marqus himself steps up and does not disappoint as he destroys his own 32 bar verse. The hook on this one is super turnt and is the type of song to get you jumping up and down with excitement for Christ. Lift him up!

Marqus has also started the #LiftUpChristChallenge. Click on the menu tab “#LiftUpChristChallenge” at the top of the site to find out how you can get involved and accept the challenge yourself!


Chorus (x 2)
Gotta lift up Christ when I come thru, yeah I lift up Christ thought I told you/
Gotta lift up Christ when I come thru, yeah I lift up Christ thought I told you/
Gotta lift up Christ while I have a life to live/
Gotta lift up Christ by the praising that I give/

1st Verse:
You wanna underestimate and underrate me/
Well that’s crazy, know that Christ made me greatly/
I’m fearfully and wonderfully made see I praise thee/
Christ set me free when he died for me on Calvary/
Take this piece of clay god and put it on ya potter’s wheel/
Press it, beat it shake it ‘til I line up wit ya will/
Push it, mold it, shape it ‘til my mind and heart are healed/
We marred in his hands during trials and that’s all real/
Try to tear me down but this man is too well edified/
Standing wit the belt of truth try to never tell a lie/
Breastplate of righteousness is leaving evil terrified/
I’m ready wit the good news and believe my shoes are tied/
Shield of faith puts out the flame the wicked one can penetrate/
My helmet saves and keep me straight to help me fit the narrow gate/
Spirit sword the word of God makes demons wanna consecrate/
I dedicate my life to Christ, the price he paid appreciate/
Ah yeah/ I’m back at it ecstatic Christ addict/
Ah yeah/ automatic dancing, clapping, make it happen/
Ah yeah/ not erratic, god planned it dynamic/
Ah yeah/ gotta rap it, I’m a rabid God fanatic/
Keep praising every day and while I’m laying I’ll be praying/
Yea I’m staying not decaying, what I’m saying I ain’t playing/
Never straying from the way and I ain’t swaying or betraying/
Always paying not delaying no dismaying I’m obeying/
God’s Word over all, on it I’m standing tall/
With him I won’t ever fall, yo I gotta follow Paul/
Just as he followed Christ, Jesus yeah He paid the price/
So nice say it twice, I dedicate to You my life/


2nd Verse: Steven Malcolm


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